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Qualified Suppliers on IIBX

Any entity who wants to supply bullion on IIBX and who being a body Corporate, i.e. a company, or a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), incorporated as per the applicable laws in the home jurisdiction shall be eligible to apply to become a designated "Qualified Supplier" (QS) on IIBX subject to submitting requisite documentation including Know Your Bullion Depositor (KYBD) form.


Bullion Trading Member

Bullion Trading Member

A Qualified Supplier can either participate as a Bullion Trading Member by submitting the Know Your Bullion Depositor (KYBD) form. Please visit IIBX website to download the documentation and related annexures for application



Qualified Supplier can also participate as a client of a Bullion Trading Member (Qualified Supplier [QS]- Client). QS-Client shall approach a Bullion Trading Member (TM/TCM) for opening a client account by submitting the Know Your Bullion Depositor (KYBD) form to IIBX and requisite Know Your Customer (KYC) and the application forms as specified by the Bullion Trading Member and the India International Depository IFSC Limited (IIDI).

  • QS-Client can supply bullion as well as trade in Bullion Depository Receipts (BDRs) on IIBX.
  • QS-Client must have a minimum net worth equivalent to US$ 3 Million as per the latest audited statement.
  • The QS-Client can undertake 'buy' as well as 'sell' transactions on IIBX

Services Provided Anand Rathi International Ventures (IFSC) to Qualified Suppliers

ARIVPL with its dedicated office in GIFT City Gandhinagar is an approved Trading and Self Clearing member of IIBX hence any Qualified Supplier can avail services of our company in following ways:

  • Application Approval as Qualified Supplier
  • Documentation processing for IIDL demat account
  • Trading Account with ARIVPL
  • RM Assisted buy / sell trade on IIBX Platform
  • Bank remittances
  • Competitive Brokerage on the BUY / SELL Trade transactions

Limited Purpose Trading Member (QS-LPTM)

Limited Purpose Trading Member (QS-LPTM)

QS-LPTM can participate on IIBX without having to set up an establishment, office or a unit – as a branch or subsidiary at International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) subject to meeting the eligibility criteria as specified below.

  • QS-LPTM can only participate on the 'sell' side and are not allowed to buy BDRs on IIBX.
  • The entity must be engaged in the business of supplying precious metals for at least five years
  • The entity must have a minimum net worth equivalent to US$ 10 Million or equivalent amount as per the latest audited statement
  • QS-LPTM shall comply with the 'fit and proper criteria' specified under regulation 52 (2) of the International Financial Services Authority (Bullion Exchange) Regulations, 2020, at all times Net worth certificate for QS-LPTM should be submitted within two months of end of each calendar quarter viz. March, June, September & December every year
  • QS-LPTM shall maintain a minimum interest-free security deposit of US$ 100,000
  • QS-LPTM shall have to associate itself with a clearing member for clearing of its transactions
  • QS-LPTMs shall be permitted to only sell BDR on IIBX in respect of bullion brought by them. The QS-LPTMs may be permitted to cancel or modify the ‘sell’ order previously entered.

Product Specification

Once approved and registered with IIBX as Qualified Supplier , You can supply


Some important pointers

  • Bullion Supply is to be construed as import of Gold into SEZ or IFSC Vaults from Overseas
  • A Qualified Supplier (Bullion Depositor) of Gold shall submit Certificate of Origin issued by concerned authorities in UAE to India International Depository IFSC Limited (IIDI) along with the other shipping documents
  • The Gold bars being deposited should be serially numbered (it means that Gold Bars should have a Serial Number) and should be sourced from UAE Good Delivery (UAEGD) approved refineries/suppliers or other suppliers as may be approved by IIBX
  • Gold bars are to be deposited along with assay certificate which mentions the Quality and Quantity of each Gold Bar

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Email your queries to giftifsc@rathi.com or directly connect the following for understanding Approval process and Supply process flow

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